About the festival - אשדוד דאנס
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About the festival

Dance is a hidden thread that connects between people’s hearts. It grants each dancer a multi-sensory experience, and hypnotizes those observing. It is a true expression of the soul. It reveals feelings and turbulent emotions through movements of the body. In addition, and no less important, dance offers a possibility to preserve tradition and culture.


For the second time, the city of Ashdod is proud to present Ashdodance - a magical and sweeping four-day dance festival that takes place in a variety of venues throughout the city – from performance halls to gymnasiums and outdoor pavilions. Ashdodance incorporates dance performances, unique productions, tributes to Israeli music legends, and Israeli dance sessions with the country’s top dance leaders and singers. Alongside these productions, we will honor the Israeli folklore and folk dance performers who are dedicated to preserving our culture’s ancient dance tradition around the world.

Dance is the Hidden Language of the Soul of the Body

Martha Graham

A Letter from Ashdodance Creative Director
Avi Levy

Alvin Ailey, an African-American dancer and choreographer, writes the following in his book: “There were a lot of excellent black dancers in New York, but they didn’t have a place to dance. We didn’t have a way to be fully integrated in the dance world, and make our dream come true…”

Ailey made his dream come true at the end of the 1950’s. He started a dance company that featured white and black dancers on the same stage. It became one of the most important dance companies to have ever existed.

Ashdodance International Dance Festival serves as a home for dance lovers of all nationalities from Israel and abroad. Our goal is to provide anyone who loves dance with a place to express, dance, and be exposed to a variety of dance styles, from folk to professional, local to international.

As a choreographer and dance professional in the last 40 years, I believe that dance can and needs to act as a bridge between people and cultures. It’s a form of expression in culture and history. Folk dance has been combining professional dance forms and people for years. Israeli folk dance has been representing our country in many ways over the years. As Ashdod is a city of many cultures and people, there is no better place for a festival like Ashdodance to take place.

I’d like to thank Ashdod Mayor Yehiel Lasri for supporting us, and to Acting Mayor Gabi Knafo for believing in us.

Join us and take part of this year’s festival. Enjoy professional dance companies that present a fascinating and powerful repertoire of all dance styles.

Avi Levy
Ashdodance Creative Director

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