About the festival - אשדודאנס
לצפייה בתוכניה המלאה של פסטיבל אשדודאנס 2022 To view the full program of the Ashdown Festival 2022 (Hebrew)

About the festival

The seventh year of the AshdoDance festival combines an examination of the roots of dancing with the high-points it has reached today. Dancers who laid the foundations for dance culture in Israel will be honored at the festival this year, along with representatives of the promising next generation. This inter-generational movement invites everyone to find their place on the dance floor, to discover the infinite beauty that lies in dance and to enjoy a wonderful abundance of styles and artists.

Dance is the Hidden Language of the Soul of the Body

Martha Graham

Welcome to AshdoDance

from Artistic Director Avi Levy


“It was a beautiful and moving dance / Yes, it was a dance in which fire burned / A dance that is actually life itself / Life is a dance, Life is a dance / and the body never lies” – Ehud Menor


This year, I am happy and proud to invite you to a festival full of celebrities and living legends. Dancers who laid the foundation for Israeli dance in Israel, choreographers and creators from around the world who marched and became legends, and by their side thousands of dancers of all ages from all over the country. This wonderful connection, which takes place without the need for words, is something magical and worth celebrating. Join us again this year for a colorful and immersive celebration with the biggest names in dance and music.


A special thank you goes to the mayor of Ashdod, Dr. Yehiel Lesri, and his deputy, Attorney Gabriel Knafo, whose continuous work and the importance they give to the development of cultural activities in the city of Ashdod, allow initiatives like ours to exist.


See you at the festival!