About the festival - אשדודאנס
לצפייה בתוכניה המלאה של פסטיבל אשדודאנס 2022 To view the full program of the Ashdown Festival 2022 (Hebrew)

About the festival

Dance is a hidden thread that connects between people’s hearts. It grants each dancer a multi-sensory experience, and hypnotizes those observing. It is a true expression of the soul. It reveals feelings and turbulent emotions through movements of the body. In addition, and no less important, dance offers a possibility to preserve tradition and culture.

For the fifth time, the city of Ashdod is proud to present Ashdodance - a magical and sweeping four-day dance festival that takes place in a variety of venues throughout the city – from performance halls to gymnasiums and outdoor pavilions. Ashdodance incorporates dance performances, unique productions, tributes to Israeli music legends, and Israeli dance sessions with the country’s top dance leaders and singers. Alongside these productions, we will honor the Israeli folklore and folk dance performers who are dedicated to preserving our culture’s ancient dance tradition around the world.

Dance is the Hidden Language of the Soul of the Body

Martha Graham

A Letter from the Creative Director

Ashdod is proud to present the third annual Ashdodance – a magical and sweeping four-day dance festival that will take place in numerous venues throughout the city – from event halls to gymnasiums and the outdoors. Ashdodance will offer unique productions, great respect for Israeli music, and dancing to live music by some of Israel’s best artists. In addition, Ashdodance will continue to provide a platform for Israeli folklore and its folk dance representatives, who do their utmost to preserve the old dance traditions and represent us throughout the world.
I would like to thank Mayor of Ashdod Dr. Yehiel Lasry for his enthusiastic support of the festival ,and the Mayor and Chairman of the Festival's Steering Committee Attorney Gabi Knafo for his support and assistance throughout this journey.
Ashdod is a unique and diverse city – it is a melting pot for individuals from all around the world. Therefore, it is only natural that Ashdod is the warm home for dance lovers of all genres and sectors. Our doors are always open to all who love dancing. Join us to celebrate!

Avi Levy